Send personalized emails & text messages

Using Google Sheets or Airtable

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Use popular email service providers or your own SMTP server.

Google Amazon AWS Mailgun Mailjet Mandrill Outlook Postmark SendGrid SparkPost Twilio

How does it work?

It's just as easy as sending a regular email.

Thanks for your great job of simplifying the life of a stressed entrepreneur!

Pontus Karlsson

This looks very useful especially for new and small projects before scaling up. I used to do it by hand to personalize all emails collected in my spreadsheet - wish this was there when I did that!

Elvin Lee

This is awesome. I can send updates to my users of with this instead of Substack!

AJ Villalobos

Such a smart product!

Stephen Shaw

Looks pretty cool. I've used the mail merge for years on MS suite but this looks like another level.

Alex Papageorge @papa023

Um, 10/10 — actually makes me think about why I'd put in all of that work to use an email campaign platform.


This is a really awesome approach to an email sender.

Garry Gabrelian @garrigabrel

PostSheet really provides a lot of value and I love the Mailgun integration.

Robert Thelen

Looks like a really interesting product, especially in the no code space.

Simon Chiu

Awesome idea! Would love to try in soon with our email list.

Serge Gusev

Cool thing! Waiting for WhatsApp version ;)

Max Rand @realMaxRand